Complete Client List

  • AA (U.K.)
  • AFAR
  • AOL
  • Azure (Canada)
  • Caribbean Travel & Life
  • Centro y Sur
  • Citizen Culture
  • Columbus Dispatch
  • Conde Nast Traveler
  • Delta Sky
  • Denver Life
  • Departures
  • Draft
  • Feast (Australia)
  • Fodor’s
  • Food & Wine
  • Forbes
  • For the Love of Travel Magazine (New Zealand)
  • Frommer’s
  • Hemispheres
  • Hotel News Now
  • Insight Guides
  • Islands
  • Jetsetter
  • The Latin Kitchen
  • Lexus Magazine
  • Luxury Latin America
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Matador
  • Morning Calm
  • New York Magazine
  • New York Times
  • Orient Express Magazine
  • Oryx (Qatar Airways Inflight Magazine)
  • Peru Rail
  • Penthouse
  • Private Islands
  • Roads & Kingdoms
  • Saveur
  • Seafood Business
  • Spain From A Backpack
  • Student Traveler
  • Thomas Cook Publishing (U.K.)
  • Transitions Abroad
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Wend
  • Vacations & Travel (Australia)

Selected Work

newyorktimes-logo-250pxlSpicing Up the Colombian Melting Pot
The New York Times
February 2017



guardianThe Panama chef using rainforest ingredients to transform fine dining
The Guardian
January 2017


guardianBolivian National Park Serving Up Sustainable Ingredients for Fine Dining
The Guardian
August 2016



Destination: Lima, Peru
Beer Advocate
April 2016


guardianWhere are the World’s Highest Cities?
The Guardian
February 2016



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlCharting New Frontiers in Chilean Cuisine
The New York Times
October 2015



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlRestaurant Report: Intimo in Panama City, Panama
The New York Times
October 2015


ROADS&KINGDOMSZen & the Art of Icelandic Cuisine
Roads & Kingdoms
September 2015



FOO006Edibles at the End of the Earth: Rodolfo Guzmán in Chile
Issue #6: Fusion



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlRestaurant Report: Isolina in Lima, Peru
The New York Times
June 2015



cover150223_150x195Urbanist’s Guide to Havana, Cuba
New York Magazine
February 23, 2015



newyorktimes-logo-250pxl52 Places To Go in 2015 (*Bolivia & North Coast of Peru)
The New York Times
January 9, 2015



cover141201_150x195Urbanist’s Guide to Buenos Aires
New York Magazine
December 2014



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlLondon Develops A Peruvian Palate
The New York Times
October 28, 2014



In Buenos Aires, The Best Restaurants Are Now a Bargain
The Wall Street Journal
October 3, 2014



ROADS&KINGDOMSThe Meat Prophet of Peru
Roads & Kingdoms
August 2014



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlA Taste of Barcelona’s Evolving Dining Scene
The New York Times
August 2014



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlRestaurant Report: Peumayen in Santiago, Chile
The New York Times
July 2014



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlAlong the Beach in Uruguay, Where Living is Easy
The New York Times
July 2014



ROADS&KINGDOMSIn Chile, Foraging The Future
Roads & Kingdoms
May 2014



newyorktimes-logo-250pxlA Remote Colombian City That Really Does Exist
The New York Times
May 2014




Reykjavik, Iceland with Siggi Hilmarsson
The New York Post
April 2014


newyorktimes-logo-250pxlIn Panama, Mixing Global Flavors with Local Ingredients
The New York Times
March 2014



scan0024_2_39El Bulli Mastermind Ferran Adrià Wants Hot Ice Cream
Bon Appétit

February 2014




9780714866406-2Wallpaper Guide to Lima, Peru
Phaidon Press
January 2014




178929Chef Story: Virgilio Martinez
Morning Calm (Korean Airlines)
December 2013




nytimes_logo A Green Oasis at the Heart of a Concrete Jungle
The New York Times
January 2014


131111_cvr_150Urbanist’s Guide to São Paulo
New York Magazine
November 2013




nytimes_logo Restaurant Report: Esquina Mocotó
The New York Times
November 2013


nytimes_logoIn Panama, Staying True to History
The New York Times
October 2013


ROADS&KINGDOMSDinner of the Damned
Roads & Kingdoms
September 2013



Morning Calm (Korean Airlines)
September 2013




MORNINGCALM_KOREANAIRLINESStreet Food: Peruvian Anticuchos
Morning Calm (Korean Airlines)
September 2013




AFAR_july2013Wander: Bogota
July 2013




PENTHOUSE_july2013A Trip to Sweden’s Faviken
July 2013




PENTHOUSE_july2013The Return of American Made Rum
July 2013




may-2013-conde-nast-traveler-cover-435x600Where to Eat, Sleep & Shop in Trancoso, Brazil
Conde Nast Traveler
May, 2013




Restaurant Report: Amaz in Lima, Peru
The New York Times
April 7, 2013


In Chile, A City So Charming That Many Visitors Never Leave
The New York Times
April 5, 2013


NewYorkMagazine_logoDiscover Stunning Wine Country in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe
New York Magazine
April 5, 2013


DRAFT_magazineChile’s New Craft Beer Scene
Draft Magazine
March/April 2013




In Colombia, A Taste of the Spanish Caribbean
The New York Times
March 1, 2013


NewYorkMagazine_logoReach New Heights in Quito
New York Magazine
March 1, 2013


Living in a Postcard Perfect Stockholm Landmark
The New York Times
January 3, 2013


Tapping into the Potential of Stylish Living in Peru
The New York Times
December 6, 2012


Saveur100Dulce Patria
December, 2012



Mexico City A to Z (Kind Of)
Conde Nast Traveler
December, 2012




feast-magazine-october-2012-14-112345l1A Food Trail Across Northern Peru
Feast by SBS
October 2012




Peruvian Pioneer: Gaston Acurio
Morning Calm: Korean Air Magazine
June 2012



Urbanist’s Guide to Lima, Peru
New York Magazine
September 14th, 2012




In Argentine Development, Vineyards and Villas
The New York Times
September 6, 2012


2012-08-conde-nast-travellerGreen Hotels: Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador
Conde Nast Traveler
August 2012




In Search of Lima’s Best Ceviche
The Wall Street Journal
August 4, 2012



Sweet Break: Lucuma Ice Cream
June/July 2012



Insatiable Lima: Lima’s Food, from Breakfast to Dessert
Conde Nast Traveler
May 2012




Only In…Puebla
The Wall Street Journal
May 4,  2012



Saveur coverPop Goes Peru
Vacations & Travel (Australia)
April 2012




A Place Called Asia, in Peru, Has A Boom of Its Own
The New York Times
March 1, 2012


In Cartagena, Colombia, the Once Dangerous
Getsemaní District Comes Into Its Own

The New York Times
February 24, 2012


Only In… Paraty
The Wall Street Journal
February 11,  2012



A Rio Runs Through It
The Wall Street Journal
November 2011



Iceland’s Hottest Restaurants

May/June 2011



Sleep Like A Rolling Stone
June 2010



Huariques in Lima, Peru
The New York Times
October 22, 2009


Beyond Bacalaitos
Caribbean Travel & Life
April 2011




U.S. Is Sipping Pisco Again
Los Angeles Times
January 2010

Avatar in the Amazon
March 2011




 48 Hours: Lima
National Geographic Traveler
June 2009